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The Percussor Treatment

The Percussor Treatment

Percussor Treatment

A New Form of Muscular Therapy

We are extremely proud to present a new form of therapy that is one of the most effective ways we have seen to rehabilitate and strengthen tight and injured muscles. The percussor instrument was developed by Dr. Robert Fulford, a prominent American osteopath and author, who proved that the spine and the muscles of the human body could actually be aligned and balanced by the use of this instrument. He found that the "fascia" (a thin membrane that joins the muscles together) which covers all the muscles of the body can become twisted when muscles are consistently tight.

Tight muscles fixate the spine and the other body structures thus preventing the motion that is essential to normal blood and energy flow in the body. The percussor delivers waves of steady impulses deeply to the tissues of the body. The waves not only decrease muscle spasm but also increase circulation and lymphatic flow. Percussor treatments work well in releasing stiff, frozen joints, treating fascial restrictions and easing scars and adhesions after surgery.

Treatments with the percussor instrument are provided by Body Works LLC. for relief from muscular pain and stiffness.

The fee for the percussor treatment is $30.00.

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